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How to Grow Your Email List and Business with Engaging Quizzes

You may already know that building an email list is important for your business and that email marketing is not dead.


Well, for one simple yet powerful reason.. if your list grows, your business grows. By building an engaging and high-quality email list, you’re building a solid foundation that will help you grow and scale your business. It gives you the opportunities to build a loyal tribe of potential clients who are interested in what you do.

There are many ways to incentivize your ideal clients to join your email list. You might be seeing lead magnet like e-books, guides, checklists, templates, swipe files and many other options.

In this post, I’m going to share with you one of the powerful list-building tools that gets the results in the shortest amount of time with the smallest investment — quiz.

Quiz is memorable. Unlike other lead magnets, a quiz offers an interactive and personalized experience for your audience, which helps you gain their trust. This type of interactive content is highly engaging and entertaining. Statistics show that it’s loved by many users and it works so much better than traditional content, with an average conversion rate of 40-50%. Not bad at all!

A thoughtfully crafted quiz is a great way to create a conversation with your audience. When someone takes your quiz, you’re going to learn about them, and at the same time they get to learn more about themselves. That’s a win-win!

With a quiz, you can pre-qualify potential leads and understand how you can best serve your audience based on the quiz results. It makes it easier for you to better segment your audience. It helps you to meet them where they are at and offer them relevant content based on their interests.

Now that you know what great things quizzes can do for your business, let’s dive into the steps of creating a quiz to generate high-quality leads.

Brainstorming thought process

Define purpose and goals

Before I started writing out quiz content, I thought about what end goals that I wanted to accomplish with my quiz. I asked myself questions like, “What do I want quiz takers to feel, know and walk away with?”

I wanted to

  • Build email list with high-quality subscribers who’ll eventually invest in working with me.
  • Segment my audience based on what stage they’re at, so that I can nurture them with relevant content and offer them services based on their needs.
  • Use my quiz as a bridge that brings them from where they’re at now to a stage where they’d be ready to work with or buy from me.

I knew that many in my audience haven’t realized the power of innate talents and strengths and how to maximize their talents to create a foundation of strengths that they can use to achieve their goals in business and life.

As a believer of strengths-based approach and a Gallup trained BP 10 (Builder Profile 10) coach, I incorporated strengths-based method of coaching into my coaching methodology. I saw the potential “gap” that would hold my audience back from working with me.

If they’re not aware of the needs developing and using their talents to drive success, they might not be ready to work with me. So I wanted to bridge this “gap” by using a quiz to increase their awareness around talents and strengths.

After defining the ultimate goals of the quiz, I was able to pick a quiz topic.

Planning quiz content

Once you have a quiz topic, you can think of your quiz title. It should be clear, concise and set an expectation of what quiz takers will walk away with. Here are a few quiz titles to check for inspiration.

Create a master document

Before you jump right into mapping out the actual content of your quiz or deciding which tool or platform to use, I highly recommend that you write everything (thought process, goals, questions, answers, results etc.) down in a Google Docs. This way is more effective because it allows you to see how all different pieces fit together and how things flow from one to another.

Master Google Docs that I created before creating the actual quiz in the software.

Choose a type of quiz

There are different types of quizzes, and research shows that Personality Quiz is the most popular type by far. Most people take quizzes for self-discovery. It’s not surprising that “Which (Blank) Are You?” type of quizzes are being shared the most.

I’ve chosen Personality type for my quiz with the goal of engaging my audience to learn more about themselves. To find out which type of quiz is most suitable for your needs, check out “Explanation of the Different Types of Quizzes” for in-depth explanation of the different types of quizzes you can make.

Outline questions and results

When it comes to planning the content for your quiz, you can start by creating questions and answers, then creating quiz results or the other way around.

I find it more effective to start by outlining the results/outcomes, then work backward to create the questions and answers that will lead me to the end results.

For my quiz, I decided on just three results. These are the results that the quiz takers will get after completing the quiz. Check out “How To Write Quiz Results” to find out what you need to do to write great quiz results that people appreciate, respond to, and share on social media.

Keep in mind that the more results you have, the more complicated your quiz will be. Many experienced ones have recommended sticking to three to five results. If you plan to create a dedicated landing page for each result, you need to take into account the time you’d need to setup and write content for each page. You need more time if you have more result options.

After outlining the results, I wrote some descriptions to explain more about what each result means and what quiz takers can do with these insights.

Next, I listed out all of the questions and accompanying answer choices and how the answers are mapped to the end results.

Building the quiz

Choosing quiz platform

Here comes the fun part of building the quiz! There are few options of quiz software that you can use to build a quiz.  I used Interact to create my “What Type of Business Builders Are You” quiz.

Interact is a tool for creating online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and drive traffic to your website. The makes thing easier to create your quiz, Interact offers many templates with preset questions based on different categories. You can choose a template that’s relevant to your niche right off the bat from their library, instead of building the quiz from scratch.

Many template options to choose from in the library. You can preview the template before using it.

For my quiz, I chose to create it from scratch because I already did some research before on what questions I wanted to ask. So it’s just easier for me to copy the content I’ve prepared earlier from the master Google Docs and paste them onto  Interact’s quiz builder.

If you prefer to have something to start with, pick a template from the Interact library that fits your niche. Interested in creating questions and answers from scratch? Check out “Exactly How to Write Quiz Questions and Answers From Scratch.

Interact offers three quiz types: Assessment, Personality, and Scored. You can change the quiz type at any time.

Three quiz types in Interact

Create engaging questions

It’s recommended to have seven to ten questions to get people to take and finish the quiz. I managed to stick to ten questions in the “What Type of Business Builder Are You” quiz.

With Interact, you can create different types of questions. My quiz has a mix of question types: Text Question With Image Answers and Text Question With Text Answers.

Text question with text answers.

Text question with image answers.

To make things easier for you, Interact platform has a built-in integration with UpSplash that will help you find and add images without having to leave the Interact quiz builder and go somewhere else.

Create answers that correlate with quiz result options

For each question, I created answers that correlate to one of the quiz result options. Since I’ve three quiz results, for most of the questions, I created three total answers my quiz takers can choose from.

Next, I mapped the answer to its corresponding result. This can easily be done in Interact builder with just a few clicks.

Styling the quiz

With Interact, you can customize the look and feel of your quiz! You can modify the fonts, colors, and styles. You can also use their stock image search engine to add an image, or upload an image, or bring one in from a URL.

Style the look and feel of your quiz.

Connect email marketing system to collect email addresses

Currently I use MailChimp. Interact has integration that allows me to collect email addresses from quiz takers and connect them to my email list. I also set up an automation that adds a tag to quiz takers based on their results. This way, I can keep nurturing them with relevant content through a follow-up email sequence.

Setting up automation to connect quiz takers to email list.

Options to add quiz takers to list, update merge field, and/or add a tag.

You can find out what email service providers Interact integrates with by checking their integrations page.

Wrapping Up

Now that we’ve covered the quiz planning and creation process, you can create your own quiz and start growing your email list with a loyal tribe who are interested in what you do!

First time creating a quiz? Check out these two tutorials: Everything You Need to Know to Launch Your First Quiz and How To Make An Interactive Quiz.

Not sure how quizzes could help you build your email list? Here are a few quiz case studies to check out for inspiration.

I love Interact and it’s what I used to create my own quiz. If you want to try it out for free and see how it works for your own business, use this link. And when you sign up, don’t forget to use the code WEARESETTE15 at checkout to get 15% discount on any plans! I can’t wait to see what you create!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn some money if you click on one. I only review products I have tried and tested.


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    This post was really helpful. I recently tried your suggestion of creating engaging quizzes with Interact and it did make quite a difference in my traffic. Thanks again!

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