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With your strengths to guide you

Meet the business coach to set you up with a sustainable path to success

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Nice to meet you

For the better.

And you’re ready to get uncomfortable so you can reinvent the way you do business.

Lack the clarity to get the most out of your team

Are stuck with ALL the admin instead of thinking BIG

Have outgrown your systems and structures and they’re holding you back

There’s a real chance you...

Because it’s the smartest and most successful way to realign what’s out of sync.

And finding you here―browsing my website―tells me a few things about you.

They step out of their comfort zone

Successful business owners have one thing in common

It has got remarkable results for my clients.

And it could easily do the same for you…

My take on business, leadership and strengths coaching is different.

It embraces your natural talents as the basis of everything.

It unites you with the right systems and processes to fuel your growth.

It sets you up with the perfect team to complement you and your vision.

These 3 powerhouses hold the key to a more fulfilled version of business, and ultimately life.

The Sustainable Business Growth Catalyst is my signature 3-step framework to fuel growth, support sustainability and introduce balance.

In a game-changing way

Let’s get uncomfortable together

Made business and life decisions on the fly and of course failed miserably

Started a successful web design business without it ever feeling aligned

Got burnt several times in my corporate career but kept going back for more

Lead teams and managed operations in the corporate IT sector without ever knowing how to lead effectively

Along the way I…

I didn’t start out as a business coach.

Life presented me with a fair few roadblocks and aha moments before I eventually ended up in my happy place―the work I feel honored to do today.

Hi, I’m Vivian.

Gallup-trained BP10 Coach, SPCC-certified Affiliate Manager, Leadership Coach & Team-Building Expert

i need you on my team

I get to set you up with a new approach to running your business.

One that doesn’t rely on working harder, but instead looks at things more strategically.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Surround yourself with the right team

Rely on systems that work together like building blocks

Lead with your natural strengths

Today I get to help female business owners like you...

They gave me a clear vision for my future―both personally and in business.

That’s until I got uncomfortable―as in REALLY uncomfortable―and explored my Clifton Strengths.

As seen in & heard on

Trust me to show up as the conductor of your orchestra. I can comfortably deal with moving parts and thrive in a dynamic environment. Rely on me to initiate and manage change. For the better!


Created by LAFSfrom the Noun Project

Trust that I’ll customize advice to help you to your full potential. I stay clear of a one-size-fits-all approach and see the potential in human diversity.


Created by Saeful Muslimfrom the Noun Project

Trust that I’m patient, even when things take time. I get genuine satisfaction from the growth of others and love human potential and progress.


Created by sachin modgekarfrom the Noun Project

Trust that I’m genuine and authentic. I thrive on close, caring relationships and love getting to know more people I already know.


Created by Ale Estradafrom the Noun Project

Trust that I intuitively pick up how you feel. I come with emotional intelligence and make the visceral explicit.


This is me.
Vulnerable and honest.
With my top 5 Clifton Strengths.
Each uniquely positioned to support you.

Me. In a (strengths) nutshell.

Which doesn’t mean I can’t be social.

I’m an introvert

You’ll struggle to spot me without one.

I LOVE bubble tea

Can you pick them?

I speak 4 languages

Her name was JLo. And we were besties!

I grew up with a Gibbon monkey

Apart from my strengths

Things that make me unique

I'm ready to impact more

Ready to impact more people by leveraging genuine connections and the untapped power of partnerships? As an SPPC-certified Affiliate Manager, I can tailor a blend of winning formulas from world-class affiliate programmes to your business.

The Sustainable Affiliate Program

i need you across my business

The smartest way to put a finger on EVERYTHING that’s holding you back within your operations and team and preventing you from running a smooth business. Get my expert eye across your business and walk away with a clear action plan to set you up for long-term success.

The Sustainable Business Audit

I'm ready for it

The 12-week 1:1 mentoring program specifically designed for women who have the drive but lack the support, insight and know-how to make it happen. It’s the next logical step to take you from big dreamer to ACTUAL game-changer.

Sustainable Business Mentoring

The choice is yours

Now let’s set you up for your slice of sustainable success


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