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Discover your innate talents and use them to build on your foundation of strengths, so you can drive success in life and business. Your best path awaits...

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Sette exists to propel purposeful brands, like yours, by helping you unleash your natural abilities and form high-performing, well-rounded teams for a more sustainable and successful business.



Sette is a business education, mentoring, and coaching hub for small businesses who don’t want to settle for the ordinary.

A one-on-one private 12-week mentoring program for new and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be architect of their own life.

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Vivian Chan

meet our founder

Problem untangler. Leaper of faith. Life student. 

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Vivian's way of being exudes what it means to be a passionate and extremely caring business coach that you want around in your space. She is clearly able to identify what's working and what's not working in your business, and does so in a graceful and challenging way that inspires you to take action.

Kathy L., Founder & Creative Director

Vivian is a really good listener and I felt really comfortable talking to her and expressing my fears and vulnerability about my business. She understood where I was coming from and made me feel that I was normal with the way that I was thinking about my business. She helped me to streamline what I was doing and move forward with my dreams and goals.

Lisa E., Girl about the Globe

Vivian got to the bottom of what was driving some of my fears as a new business owner and did so in a kind, supportive way. I could tell she genuinely cared about my goals and concerns based on the questions that she asked me, as well as her willingness to listen to what I was saying without making judgments.

Gawoon C., Web Designer

I feel expansive, not limited in the ways that I can reach out and engage with the folks who would actually be delighted to be part of my programs and services. Vivian showed me specific examples of people who are forging their own paths, with strengths and needs similar to mine.

Aurora P.

I have a clearer vision of what I can and should do from now on. She also made me feel like I could do this. I felt motivated and that the goals I had were reachable. She was able to pinpoint my hesitations and fears and address them.

Maia H., Web Designer & Developer

I feel like I can more clearly articulate the steps I need to take next to achieve my goals. Working with Vivian encouraged me to open myself up to thinking about what I really want.

Lydia P.


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