Vivian Chan is a leadership and team-building expert who teaches successful but overwhelmed leaders how to grow a sustainable business. With her strategic insight and signature framework of The Sustainable Business Growth Catalyst, she empowers clients to take months off without the fear of their business falling apart.

As a Gallup-trained BP10 coach, she’s helped thousands of students discover, develop, and direct their business-building talents through her online program. She teaches clients how to become better leaders, and she empowers them to unlock their unique potential by learning to identify their greatest strengths and the right time to call on them.

Vivian majored in telecommunications engineering technology and has over ten years of management and operation experience. She has been featured in podcasts and websites like Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Billion Success, Interact, Enterprise League, and more. She currently lives in New York City.

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- Vivian Chan of Sette: “Delegation doesn’t come naturally to many people” | Thrive Global

- Vivian Chan of Sette: How To Delegate Effectively and Be Completely Satisfied With the Results | Authority Magazine

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- Strengths-based leadership

- Finding your leadership style by honoring your strengths

- Ways to be more self-aware

- Leveraging your strengths in business and identifying talent gaps in your team

- Building a team who wants to grow with you as your business expands

- Retaining top talents and high-performing team members

- Communicating effectively with your team to meet their needs (and vice versa)

- Increasing employee engagement to achieve better business outcomes (it’s about the behaviors that drive numbers)

Leadership & team building

- Entrepreneurship

- Barriers to delegation; effective delegation

- Setting up your business to run without you

- Making space for time away from business

- Gaining back more time by automating repeatable

- Walking away from your business without the fear of it all falling apart


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