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Carinda of This is Co.- Getting seen, loved and selling through stand out and sustainable marketing

💌 Originally published in Sette’s June newsletter.

Welcome to the June edition of Newsletter Takeover!

In this series, a special guest (talented human) would takeover my newsletter to share some wisdom gems and insights with you.

And today, Carinda from This is Co. is taking over this post! She’s a word nerd + marketing sidekick based in Australia.

I’ve purchased various things from her (happy, repeat customer here). I also enjoyed following her journey and am inspired by her growth in business. So I’m super happy to have her share some fadfree marketing tips with you!

Looking for sustainable marketing practices that can help your business create more impact and income? Then, read on!

It’s no secret, getting seen, loved and selling as a small business owner can be TOUGH! {Like, really tough}.

As solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, we have 7,545 things on our to-do list {each day}, all competing for our attention – with ‘marketing’ high on that list.

So when that new ‘shiny thing’ pops up that promises big results faster than ever before? Well, it’s only natural to jump at it. #guilltyascharged

But here’s the key thing we all need to remember… those ‘not-so-shiny-but-still-ol’-faithful’ methods? There’s a reason why they’ve been around for so long…

And that’s ‘cause they WORK! Over and over and over again.

Now before you think me a hater of progress, I want to start off by saying I LOVE a good new marketing tool or tactic… in the perfect moderation.

But if you’d never heard of something before and now all of a sudden it’s every third post in your newsfeed and the convo in your biz circle seemingly overnight? It probably has ‘shiny object syndrome’ written all over it.

Let’s use Instagram Reels as an example for a second. These babies are {or, as I write this, it’s a bit more like ‘were’} getting such high reach that they sure as heck have a place in your marketing strategy to get your brand visible. But here’s the thing…

When people see you via reels, and they get back to your IG page {or back to your website if they make it that far}, and you don’t have the crucial elements in place in your copy + content + strategy to show them you are the one for them? That visibility is nothing but a number on your reel insights instead of impact and income for your brand.

And throwing so much time and energy and focus into them? Well, it often leads to burnout, overwhelm, or ‘spikes’ of activity that leave you chasing your tail or left with no strategy when the fad ends {and it allllways ends}.

So today? I am going completely FAD-FREE to dish out three proven and profitable sustainable marketing practices that can help your biz create more impact and income… for years and years to come.

1. Know your niche!

If you want to achieve serious success? Then you need to find your place in the market and own it. When you can show a clear group of people why your solution is clearly the one for them – the answer to their particular problems or particular desires – your biz has the ability to stand out and skyrocket. The BIGGEST mistake I see biz owners making is not niching and trying to serve everyone. ‘Cause when you talk to EVERYONE? You stand out to no one.

2. Do less to impact more.

You *don’t* need to be on every platform. In fact, trying to be everywhere can significantly water down your community and focus which can lose you traction. So that guilt you’re feeling about not being on Clubhouse and Tik Tok and Reels and IG Lives and whatever other platform you’re hearing about? You can happily let it go.

When starting out, pick 1-2 places to serve your audience {for me it’s IG and a Facebook group} and give that your all! You’ll build more engaged communities, use the functions of the platform to their full ability and be loved more by the algorithm gods and your sanity and stress levels will be better for it also.

3. Get your foundation right!

Everything starts with your brand, your audience, and your content clarity + strategy. EVERYTHING.

So rather than making that reel today, spend 20 mins to go back and look at your ‘BASE’. The messages in your bio, your website, the clarity you have on your audience, the content strategy you are using to build know, like, trust factor. These things aren’t hard to master, but so often they are overlooked.

A successful base starts by:

⚡️having a brand that serves a key group of people in a key way {that’s clearly communicated}

⚡️having a clear voice, vibe and values to stand out and connect emotionally

⚡️really understanding your audience deeply so you can talk right to them and show them you understand them and their needs

⚡️ and having a plan for your content so you’re never stuck for ideas but also purposely moving your audience forward to convert!!

I promise that focusing on these things will not only create more impact + income for your incredible biz, but when you add the ‘shiny objects’ in moderation as the icing on an already DEVINE cake? That is when small biz sustainable, reliable, burn-out-free success occurs.

Carinda is a word-nerd + marketing sidekick who has been helping small businesses for over 10 years get seen, loved and selling through copy, content and compelling marketing.

From bringing brands to life through standout brand positioning + content, to helping small biz owners build their end-to-end marketing plans and master them with ease {and serious shortcuts} so they can make impact and income without overwhelm or overwork, Carinda is the support by the side of small biz owners through it all.

You can come hang out with her and learn how to master words + marketing strategy for your biz in the free ‘Co. Community’ on Facebook here:

A huge thank you to Carinda for such an insightful tips!

You can give Carinda some love by following her on Instagram and hanging out in her ‘Co. Community’ Facebook group.

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  1. […] This blog was originally featured in The Sette’s newsletter where Carinda was the guest takeover for the month of June! You can find The Sette’s blog here. […]

  2. […] This blog was originally featured in The Sette’s newsletter where Carinda was the guest takeover for the month of June! You can find The Sette’s blog here. […]

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