7 Common Barriers to Delegation Keeping You from Scaling Your Business

“Why is it so difficult to delegate?”

Here we are. You’ve built a successful brand. Your dream clients are lining up to work with you and everything is falling into place. Life is good.

You’ve worked hard to arrive at this point – where your business is gaining momentum and the long hours are finally paying off. Now if only you could clone yourself to keep up with demand.

Sounds familiar?

Are you one of the many solopreneurs that have reached a tipping point? A point when you know that it takes a conscious mindset shift for sustainable growth? A shift towards delegating, outsourcing and using the precious time in your business more intentionally.

But somehow the thought of letting others work on your brand makes you nervous.

Well, you are in great company.

The chances are that you identify with one (or many) of these barriers that are standing between you and business transformation through delegation:

I can do it all.

You struggle to let go of the holistic way in which you run your business. You’ve been operating as a ‘company of one’ since day dot and accepting that the business might have outgrown your capacity (and potentially ability) comes as a shock to the system.

If I don’t do it, then I’m not worthy.

You’re attaching value to every single task within your business. So letting go of tasks ultimately lets go of specific value you add to your business. Someone else completing a task that used to be part of your daily routine makes you feel unimportant.

I’ve been let down before.

One bad experience with outsourcing tasks was enough to make up your mind. You’re convinced that nobody else can be trusted to work on your precious brand. That’s why you continue to complete every task yourself.

I can’t explain it well enough.

You tend to overestimate how complex your daily business tasks really are. Working in isolation makes it difficult to identify the tasks that don’t take an expert to understand and complete. You struggle to accept that most processes aren’t specific to your business.

I just like to do it this way.

“I like to learn something new about my business from someone who clearly knows nothing about it,” said nobody ever. You have a proven process for every task and believe in your winning formula. Inviting someone else into your business to potentially come up with a more efficient method with far better outcomes would be a blow to your ego.

It’s just quicker if I do it myself.

You’re overwhelmed by the prospect of having to bring someone else up to speed on systems (or the lack of), processes, and DOs and DON’Ts. Wearing all the hats in your business means that there are no process maps. It’s all in your head!

But I’m the boss.

You’re used to overseeing everything. From setting up email automation to paying bills. From running the next PR campaign to ordering client gifts. Letting go of even the smallest aspect of your business feels like you’re losing control of what’s most precious to you – your brand.

Do I see you nodding?

Congratulations. The first step towards becoming an intentional leader within your own business is calling out the limiting mindsets that are holding you back from embracing delegation as your key to success.

It all starts with self-awareness!

I get the feeling that you’re serious about scaling your business. Well, we’ve got a little something for you. Our free e-book with 26 tips for entrepreneurs driven by the extraordinary sets you up with one tip per fortnight (yep, that’s tips for an entire year) on mindset, productivity and better business practices. Now’s the time!

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  1. Krissy Viane says:

    Delegation is the next step of my business I want to focus on. Thank you so much for the article, I got a lot of valuable insights from it!

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