1:1 Private Mentoring

A one-on-one private
12-week mentoring program to get you from
“dreamer” to “life architect”

Optional: Ongoing support and community

For those who want ongoing access and continued support from me? Then say hello Sette’s exclusive Membership. Where you’ll get 1 x “done-with-you” coworking strategy day day per month in the group where we troubleshoot, sharpshoot, and get laser focused on “doing”, 2 x one-hour group office hours where we get to sharp shoot your blocks and a monthly one-hour training with Vivian or a subject matter expert. All for $50 p/month.

Custom templates just for you 

Think templates, worksheets, and resources all individually hand-picked and customised to meet your business needs.

Our coaching calls will all be documented and recorded so you can refer back to it when you need.

Lifetime access to our coaching calls

You’ll have access to me during this 12-week period with unlimited audio and messaging support in-between our calls.

Business coach: on-demand

Sometimes we just need to know that someone has our back, and that’s exactly what our 15-minute weekly check in is all about — keeping your head in the game.

Accountability, weekly

Your personalized roadmap will give you a helicopter view of the road ahead, marking out the milestones we need to hit to ensure we’re on target to smash your goals by week 12.

A personalized Action Plan

Following our Discovery Call I’ll put together an agenda and game plan on how our 12-week journey will look and dive into the actionable steps you need to take to strive towards your goals.

A personalized Game Plan and Agenda

Six x 60-minute hands-on coaching sessions with me via Zoom fortnightly over the 12 weeks where we’ll sharp-shoot your progress, discuss next steps, and have an open dialogue with the guidance you need for the weeks ahead.

1:1 you and me

Throughout the three months of this journey, here is what you will get:

Not every journey is the same, and neither are the goals you are trying to achieve. That’s why we’ll provide you with a bespoke agenda for your Mindset Reset journey that reflects your personal strategy for the three game-changing months ahead.

Step 02 - The Game Plan

Step 03 - The Catapult

We start the way all great relationships do: by getting to know each other. Our Discovery Session is a 90 minute, sharp-shooting strategy discussion around where you and your business are currently at, and the specific goals you’re hoping to achieve within the next three months.

Step 01 - Discovery

Our Journey:

By the time your three months are up, you’ll no longer be accountable to the person you were before. You won’t have loyalty to a desk-job you hate, and you won’t be held back by the same roadblock that plague us all when it comes time to make a drastic change in our lives.

Instead? You’ll have absolute clarity on your purpose, a laser-focused vision of where you want to go, and complete confidence in the steps you need to take to get there.

With my 1:1 Private Coaching, we cut the fluff and get you from A to B through strategic game-planning, intentional action-taking, and the adoption of the right growth mindset.

We all have ideas for our brand or business. But without action, ideas remain exactly that. 

1:1 Private Mentoring — Explained

I designed this program specifically for women who have the drive and adrenaline but lack the support, insight and know-how to make it happen.

My 1:1 Private Mentoring program is here to nurture striving entrepreneurs who are seeking fulfillment, guidance, and are craving the next step from small-time hustler to big leagues game-changer.

How do I know the right approach? Because I’ve been there. I’ve built two successful businesses from the ground up and know that without the guidance and support I received they would never have amounted to anything more than a hobby.

Enter my 1:1 Private Mentoring.

I know you get where I’m coming from, because it’s exactly where you are now.

You know there is more to life than working, paying the bills and looking forward to the weekend. You have the dreams. You have the drive. But you’re unsure? How. How do you turn that next big goal into reality?

“How do I take it to the next level?”

My career was a successful one. I was at the forefront — managing teams and getting first-hand experience in how to manage a business from the ground up. But I knew in my heart that creating something of my own where my potential was uncapped, was my true calling in life.

So, I launched my own business, Typenest, a web design and development studio, back in 2017.

I was on an all-time high. Following years of “but my job has security” and “what if I fail?”, I’d finally made the decision to start living a life I’d designed (quite literally) for myself.

But after that high wore off, it hit.

I still felt something was missing. I’d hit a plateau of self-doubt, capped profits, and the age-old question that inevitably strikes those brave enough to create the life they want for themselves.

Whether it be uncertainty, lack of clarity, or simply knowing the what but not how — you feel a block holding you back from taking action and going full throttle. You’re tired of feeling stuck like you’re going nowhere, and you see life as too short to settle for something mediocre.

I hear you. Because that was me as well. 

Having landed on this page, I feel like I already know a bit about you.

You have big dreams. And even bigger goals.

You absorb like a sponge no matter where you go. Your brain goes at a million miles at once. And you are a trailblazer who is also likely a (humble) overachiever.

But for whatever reason, you’ve found yourself at a halt.

I’m driven every day by the incredible things women are capable of doing when they have the right people backing their unique brand of genius. We may all have different businesses and ideas, but at the same time we are all alike; we all have that same hunger to live an extraordinary life. And we all have it in us. But sometimes, we simply need the support, guidance and knowledge to uncover that inner dormant spark. 

But don’t just take my word for it.

Vivian challenged me to think about what I really want deep down inside and what I want to accomplish in the long run. I felt like I was talking to a colleague rather than talking to someone above me giving me advice.

I could tell she genuinely cared about my goals and concerns based on the questions that she asked me, as well as her willingness to listen to what I was saying without making judgments. I really appreciate her attentiveness and approach to coaching.

Gawoon Chung - Web Designer

"The coaching call was conversational and allowed me to open up about my business concerns and fears. Vivian got to the bottom of what was driving some of my fears as a new business owner and did so in a kind, supportive way."

Vivian is a really good listener and I felt really comfortable talking to her and expressing my fears and vulnerability about my business. She understood where I was coming from and made me feel that I was normal with the way that I was thinking about my business. She helped me to streamline what I was doing and move forward with my dreams and goals.

Lisa Eldridge - Creator of award-winning solo travel blog and resource

"I feel less overwhelmed and know what I need to focus on. I tend to want to over achieve and put myself under too much pressure and Vivian helped me to strip back on my projects into something more manageable."

I loved the questions asked throughout our call. They were specific, open-ended questions that called for more digging and self-exploration. I also really enjoyed the feedback as I felt like Vivian was really listening to what I had to share with her from her honest opinions.

Vivian's way of being exudes what it means to be a passionate and extremely caring business coach that you want around in your space. She is clearly able to identify what's working and what's not working in your business, and does so in a graceful and challenging way that inspires you to take action.

At the end of our coaching call, Vivian and I had a simple yet clear action plan of what I can focus on next. I'm excited for what's to come in the growth of my business.

Kathy Luong - Founder, Creative Director

"I would absolutely recommend Vivian's private coaching services for anyone looking to make serious, long-term changes to their business. Vivian is highly personable and sincere — two qualities that are rare to find in business coaches."

I really appreciated how Vivian helped to guide me through the session without being pushy or coachy. I felt like she was a good friend asking me questions that helped me to arrive to my next steps.

Lydia Parker

"I feel like I can more clearly articulate the steps I need to take next to achieve my goals. Working with Vivian encouraged me to open myself up to thinking about what I really want."

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Now don’t get me wrong — this program is not for the faint-hearted.

Together we’re going to get comfortable with some of the uncomfortable. But it’s through that where the extraordinary lies. The life you’ve always imagined for yourself. You will need to be willing to back yourself, invest the time, energy and resources into this.

So if you’re ready to do the work, back yourself and the dream you’re trying to build? Then this is for you.

But if you’re after a quick fix, this program is probably not for you.

Remember, the dream doesn’t work unless you do.

Why you need this:
We don't believe in the hustle. Instead, we believe in being the designer of your own life. A life where doing what you love provides you with freedom, profit and fulfillment.

So, the only question left is, are you ready to back yourself towards living a life you love?

$2,500 USD
Payment plans available

Your Investment

Duration: 3 months