Be the CEO

In this one-day, virtual intensive, you’ll discover your natural talents and gain more understanding of yourself at a much deeper level.

This shows you how you fit in as a leader, and will give you the clarity you need to lead with intention. We’ll look at your unique mix of 10 business-building talents, what they mean, and how they can be developed and applied these to your role.

You’ll also learn my three-step discovery process to reinforce the things you already know about yourself, and look at ways you can grow and leverage your talents.

By then end of the intensive, you’ll have the tools, insight, and confidence you need to utilize your natural abilities and achieve your ambitious goals

I get it, you’re the leader. You’ve got a whole team to look after, upskill, and manage on a day-to-day basis.

But, what would happen if you put that same focus into yourself?

Chances are, your leadership skills would flourish! Instead of trying to be everything to everybody, you could get back to the thing you do best.

Be the CEO

When the leader becomes more self-aware, confident, and aligned with their natural abilities – the whole team thrives!

When you’re the boss, developing your own strengths, talents, and self-awareness can fall to the bottom of the priority list. 

Gain the tools and confidence you need to be a better leader, and build a team that drives success. 

Ways to build key relationships to achieve your goals

Understanding of why people follow and trust you as a leader

Simple five-step process to achieving your business-building ambitions

How to develop and leverage your natural abilities in business

Discover your top 10 business-building talents

Discover your dominant leadership style

What’s you'll learn

30 days of Slack priority support 

A follow-up session for accountability

Custom leadership journey curated for your success

1-day virtual intensive with Vivian

What’s included

USD $4,500
Limited time offer USD $3,500

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