The Team Builder Project

To run a successful business takes a team effort.

It takes every single person doing their bit, leveraging their strengths, and collaborating in a way that’s harmonious and efficient. The Team Builder Project is about building a high-performing, well-rounded team that’s more than just the sum of its parts.

Successful leaders make great decision about people. To achieve this kind of team takes a deep understanding of who your people are and how they can best be utilized. You need to coach and engage them, build strong relationships and accountability, and provide them with the support they need to achieve ambitious goals.

Teams powered by high-performance, built for results 

Your search for high-performing team is over. Stop hoping for sustainable growth and start experiencing it.

In this one-day intensive, we’ll dive deep into what does and doesn’t work in your team. We’ll assess what’s missing in your current team structure, and figure out how you can fill the talent gap to form a well-rounded team.

We’ll map out your team’s talents, identify strengths, and work out how you’re best to utilize them. You’ll also learn how to attract and retain top talents in your team, even in difficult times. You’ll have an engaged and high-performing team that leads to positive business outcomes, and achieves ambitious goals.

By the end of it, you’ll have the confidence to trust your team more deeply with more responsibilities. You’ll realise their capability to carry out your plan and achieve things to your high standard. That way, you’ll feel comfortable that things won’t fall apart when you take time away from work. 

Proven methods for developing effective teams

Build your talent engine. Know who else you need on your team to achieve business goals and/or make up for blind spots/gaps

Determine best role for each person; get clarify on team’s roles

How to intentionally use team’s strengths to solve a business problem or reach business goals

What’s you'll learn

Personalized, actionable plan that you can implement in your business straight away

1-day virtual intensive with Vivian (4 hours)

What’s included

Crete plan to form a leadership team (consider where do you want to go with your business and form a well rounded team to support you get there)

Starting at USD $5,000
Limited time offer USD $4,000

Your Investment