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… Right? That’s just part and parcel of the entrepreneur life.

Except, you care: About yourself, your business and your people.

And you’re clever: You know there’s gotta be a better way to grow your business and build the life of your dreams.

Good news: You’re right.

Your team (if you’ve been able to get around to hiring one) is unmotivated, uninspired and unable to truly support your big, bold business vision.

You’re so stressed that you’re struggling to like your business, let alone love it (or give it the love it deserves).

You’re working longer – and harder – than ever, trying to figure out how you’re meant to maximize your profit (and power the life of your dreams) when you’re wasting every spare second bogged down doing allthethings. 

Who cares that this means…

You’ve heard how others have done it: Hauling themselves out of bed before the sun’s even had a chance to yawn and stretch awake. Wearily clicking the coffee machine ‘on’, and then proceeding to spend the next 18 hours hustling hard, doing whatever it takes to prove their worth. 

After all, you’re aspiring to be a powerful, purposeful female entrepreneur. You’re meant to do, be and have it all for your business. No heart. No emotion. And absolutely no excuses.

“Success stories are penned with the ink of your blood, sweat and tears,” they tell you (while their under-eye bags, frown lines and forced smiles tell you a completely different story).

All success stories start somewhere

Reality check: You are talented.

No, don’t look around, I’m talking to you: The burnt-out (but brilliant) female business maverick who’s landed here for a reason.

You. Are. Talented.

I know that (without a shadow of a doubt) because we are all talented.

“C’mon, Viv,” you might be thinking. “I don’t have any special talents.”

Except … you do. You know that thing that comes *really* easily to you? That you’re naturally good at? That’s effortless for you, even?

That’s your talent(s). It’s hard-wired into you.

If you can’t think of anything, it’s because your talent has become so innate that you barely notice it. But, believe me, it’s there.

And it’s important. In fact, I believe it’s the foundation of your success as a female leader.

Self-mastery for self-made female entrepreneurs

As modern entrepreneurs, we’re taught that knowledge, skill and hustle are the keys to growing our businesses.

Talent? Pfft. Unimportant. Instead, typical business-building workshops encourage us to focus on our blind spots; the things we aren’t naturally good at.

Yet our biggest blind spot is actually that we’re not actively harnessing our talent.

Talent is potential. It offers us the greatest opportunities for success and growth.

But all too often, our talents are overlooked, untapped, unappreciated, and underdeveloped. Our talents have the potential to be our biggest success-provoker, but we’re starving them on a diet of inattention and neglect.

And it sucks. It also explains why you’re likely struggling to succeed or reach your potential.

Gallup (the makers of the CliftonStrengths assessment) have devoted their lives and careers to studying talent, and they’ve discovered that the most successful people start with their natural talent first, then add knowledge, skills and practice to the mix.

By taking this approach, they catalyse their success and become a magnet for high-performing, goal-getting genius.

Your unique talents have the potential to activate and accelerate your success

Ready for another reality check?

Okay, here we go. As a driven female leader, you have two options:

   A. Ignore your talent and do nothing with it.
   B. Own, celebrate and put your incredible talent to good use.

Seems like a no-brainer, right?

And think about it: Would you rather waste your precious time, energy, effort and patience forcing yourself to get your ‘weaknesses’ up to speed … or would you rather reach your true potential (naturally, easily and joyfully!) by focusing on what makes you so uniquely incredible?

Because you were born to build.

You were destined and designed to use your talents to create magic not only in your life, but in the lives of others too.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

It’s time to use your talent to build your extraordinary business

The Discover Your Builder Talents Workshop has been created especially for female leaders ready to focus on the most important factor in becoming a successful business builder … themselves!

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to intentionally discover, develop and direct your builder talents so you can grow your genius and create something that will change the world.

And whether you’re sustaining a business or starting one from scratch, you’ll walk away with the knowledge, information and guidance you need to leverage your natural thinking, feeling and behavior patterns to do more of what you naturally do best.

Unlock your true potential in The Discover Your Builder Talents Workshop

Discover who you are, what you’re great at, and what you’re meant to be doing with your business and life.

Simple five-step process for *actually* achieving your business-building goals and aspirations. 

During this workshop, you'll learn

Why starting with talent is *essential* if you want to become a successful business-builder. 

Your dominant builder talents and how you can work with them (not against them!) to achieve your dreams and goals.

The three key players in the business-building journey – and which one you’re best suited for.

The exact practices, behaviors and actions you can take to intentionally develop and leverage your talents. 

How to direct your talents to elevate your passions, interests and goals.

The secret to using your unique talents to build successful relationships (and how they impact your business and life!)

Feeling confident that you can build your business by bringing in the right people to do the right things (at the right time).

Unleashing your true potential and stepping into your power as a talented female leader.

Feeling more ease because you know what your talents are, and you're maximizing your strengths and being in your zone of genius.

Feeling special, worthy, powerful and appreciative of your unique (amazing!) talents.

To …

Feeling misaligned and stuck, not knowing how to move forward with you business or business idea.

Chasing your tail and feeling like you’ve reached the limit of what you and your business are capable of.

Wondering how you can maximize your potential.

Feeling lost, mundane and wondering why your talent is MIA.

You’ll go from …

(It’s like a future before-and-after for your talent, business and potential. 😉)

Your post-workshop transformation

You’ll love this workshop (and feel justifiably smug at your clever decision to sign up) if…

You’d love to become the designer and architect of your own life.

You’re sick of feeling like you’re swimming against the tide, and you’re ready to be in greater alignment and harmony with your business.

You’re excited to enhance your self-awareness (beyond the ‘Which Disney Princess Am I?’ quizzes – don’t be ashamed; we’ve all done it. I’m Belle) and invest in your self-development so you can master a different approach to achieving greater productivity, profit and happiness.

You’re curious about your talents and would love to intentionally develop and leverage them to fuel your business-building journey.

You know deep in your heart you’re capable of doing and being more, but you don’t know exactly *how* to unlock your potential.

You’re ready to launch a successful business, grow your existing business or build something new in your corporate job, but you want to do it in a way that *doesn’t* feel like scraping nails on a chalkboard (hello, natural, fulfilling and effortless, please).

You don’t care about nurturing your talent or fulfilling your potential.

You’re not interested in growing your business, launching a successful start-up or increasing your productivity and performance at work.

This probably isn’t your cup of milk tea if…

Where to go from here: How to confidently take action and harness your newfound knowledge to grow your genius and unleash your true potential. 

The science of goal-getting: How to set goals in alignment with your builder talents (so you increase your chances of actually achieving your dreams). 

Activating genius: How to continue building positive momentum


How to use your current social network as a starting point for goal-getting. 

Identifying the key relationships you *need* to establish to achieve your goals. 

Why success isn’t a solo journey (and how relationship-building skills are mandatory for modern victories). 

Social strategy: The art and science of using your builder talents to nurture effective relationships 


The power of intention: How to direct your talents intentionally to unleash greater impact and influence. 

The case studies of success: Examples of how successful businesses start and what you can learn from them (spoiler alert: talent is involved). 

Mapping success: The roadmap for giving your business-building journey a clear direction so you can unlock greater clarity, focus and success. 

Sparking success: Using your builder talents to level up your success


Completing the talent puzzle: Five ways to develop and leverage your business-building talents for more effortless performance enrichment.

Wait – before you start: Three *important* things to consider when successfully developing talents into strengths.

Powering performance: Builder talent building preparation 101


Building success: The three distinct builder roles (and which one you most align and identify with). 

Demystifying the BP10 assessment: What it is, what it does and what it doesn’t do (Hint: It *will* reveal your zones of genius, but it won’t do the washing up for you. Sorry.)

The top ten most common talents of successful business builders (and which ones your clever self has already cultivated!)

How the pros (i.e. Gallup) define a business builder (and why you should care).

Excavating genius: Discovering your builder talents 


Taming your talent: The key to easily identifying talent within yourself (without feeling like a fake or a fraud).

Teaching talent: The reality of knowledge, skills, talents and strengths (and how you can cultivate them)

You won’t find your talent in a book: The difference between talent and knowledge (and how you can use both to fuel your success).

Why every success story starts with talent (and how you can spark the start of your talent-led success!)

The surprising truth about talent


Our workshop curriculum 

Your digital journey

Bonus: 45-minute post-workshop coaching conversation with me via Zoom (valued at $250 USD)

When you sign up, you’ll get…

A Discover Your Builder Talents workbook (an electronic version waiting in the course portal for you)

Lifetime access to the training

Access to private 'Grow Your Genius' Slack group

NOTE: This workshop is based on Gallup's BP10 assessment. To get the most out of it, you should purchase the assessment separately ($19.99 USD), complete it and bring along the report. This course doesn't cover the cost of BP10 assessment.

Because my intentions were in the creative sphere, which is about making and doing and not so much about the business planning, I wasn't sure that I would naturally assimilate the concepts and strategies outlined in Discover Your Builder Talents. I thought I'd feel like I was fighting my nature. This course helped me to identify who I am in a business context, what I uniquely have to offer and how I can realistically and practically proceed. It got me to look at who I am, what I already have, and how I can build on that, rather than telling me who I SHOULD be or what I need to acquire first. It has helped me moved forward quite fast in my thinking and action


I wasn't sure what it was or how it could help me at first, but once I started the modules, I loved it! I was hoping to discover what talents I have besides the ones I already knew about. I wanted to see how I can develop them so I can show up as my best self. Discover Your Builder Talent gave me clarity, which was exactly what I needed in order to take the next step in my business. My "AHA" moment was discovering that the things that came naturally to me in everyday life were actually talents that I could use to grow both in my business and personal life. I got clarity on how to move forward and approach my new venture. If you want to discover your unique place in this world and how you can be yourself and do what you love using your innate talents, take this course!


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Meet your workshop mentor

Hi there,

I’m Vivian; I’m the founder of Sette and your (very excited!) workshop educator.

I’m a leadership and team-building expert, Gallup trained BP10 coach and a milk tea lover wholly incapable of existing without the internet (not sorry). I’m horrible at anything requiring physical stamina, but I’m near magical at identifying talents, piling my online cart with gorgeous products I have no intention of buying, and helping overlooked humans be seen and reach their potential.

I believe that a strong business foundation consists of three key ingredients: self-awareness, streamlined systems and a well-rounded team. These three elements work together to contribute to the success of a business.

But to achieve these three ingredients you have to (brace yourself): Own and develop your talents.

Which is why The Discover Your Builder Talents Workshop exists.

Because sometimes the thing standing in our own way? It’s us.

… But it doesn’t have to be.

In The Discover Your Builder Talents Workshop, I’ll help you hone in on your unique talents to create a crystal clear vision for how you can grow your genius and build the business – and life! – of your dreams.

Farewell ordinary. Hello extraordinary.

Ready for greatness? I can’t wait to meet you there!

- Vivian 

Let’s talk about the best of the best; the people out there succeeding and making their mark on their world.

They aren’t average, right? And they’re definitely not mediocre. Instead, they’re expert heavyweights in their fields; the go-to humans for their particular niche.

And that’s because they’ve found what they’re good at (aka their talent), and they’ve invested in it until their growth and performance is practically unparalleled.

That’s the power of talent. And by learning how to consciously find ways to apply your talents to your goals, your ability to perform with excellence increases exponentially.

Basically? Hello success and farewell mediocrity.

How can my so-called talents actually help me succeed?

You’ve probably been told at least once, “You can do whatever you want to do.” And that’s great advice. But it also has its limitations. Because the reality is that a person who has always struggled with numbers is unlikely to be a genius accountant (or enjoy doing it!)

This is because you can’t really “fix” your weaknesses. The more you try, the more stuck you become.

So what are we meant to do with them? I believe a better approach to managing your weaknesses is to be aware of them, account for them, and use your strengths to manage and produce results.

(My workshop walks you through what this looks and feels like in the real world.)

In other words, you *could* focus on your weakness and – with a lot of work and pressure - become “average” at it. Or you could focus on your talent and become a master (and a magnet for success) in a way that feels easy, effortless and aligned.

Shouldn’t I be focusing on fixing my weaknesses?

Building on your talent isn’t something that’s really encouraged in our modern world. Instead, we’re told to focus on what we’re bad at, and invest all of our time and energy into bringing that weakness up to speed (more on that soon).

Except, Gallup’s research shows that the most successful people start with their natural talent, then add knowledge, skills, and practice to the mix.

By tackling it this way, their talent serves as an accelerator to performance. It’s like adding kindling to a fire – it fuels the flame. It also offers the greatest opportunities for success and growth.

And by investing in areas where you already have a natural tendency for excellence, you are more likely to develop world-class performance and to do so more quickly.

If I’m already good at something, should I even bother learning more about it?

I hear you (and I understand where you’re coming from – I used to feel the same way!)

But the thing is, talent is a naturally occurring pattern of thought, feeling or behaviour. When something comes naturally to you, it’s easy and effortless because you *are* so naturally good at it. That’s your talent: those things that feel easy to you are not always so easy for other people.

In this workshop, I’ll show you ways to uncover your talents and intentionally leverage them to drive more success.

I don’t have any talents. For real. This workshop will be a waste of my money and your time.

“But, Viv…”

Your investment = $129 $57

Total value = $520

or two payments of $65 $30

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Self-mastery awaits

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